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Social Dysfunction

Addictive Behaviours

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Anxiety and Depression

Body Weight Issues




Personal Relationships

Better Sleep



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The Programme:

BMS Bootcamp accessible after attending a FREE non comital seminar…


The BMS boot camp is an informal one day workshop intended to proceed the BMS Program but in itself will give you all the necessary tools you need to make a measurable improvement to your wellbeing.


In groups of no more than 6 we will learn to understand our bodies question our programming and explore our spiritual sides.

BMS (Body Mind Soul)

basic management system



Boot camp agenda available on request please fill out our contact form below:

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About Us

Helping people lead a more fulfilled life, through Personal, Physical and Psychological coaching.

With a friendly mentoring approach to personal development courses are client focused tailored to differing needs and accessible to all

Need a coach?

Here at Alexander Health and Wellbeing we use Cognitive Practices along with complementary therapies to aid personal and mental wellbeing.

Do you have feelings of under achieving? Do you what a better life balance? achieve your goals? While these are common phrases in personal development here at Alexander Health and Wellbeing we simply seek to explore possibilities and use tools to build Beliefs which are strong, long lasting and self supporting

What We Do…

Come learn about your ROLE IDENTITY relationship, EGO State and DISK TYPE along with health nutrition and spiritual growth. We help combat limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, anxiety and depression.

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The service was amazing!!!

I couldn’t recommend Alexander Wellbeing enough, they helped me more than I could have hoped for. Excellent!!

Mrs Jones


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